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  • Protection of nanoscale coating

    Parylene is a vacuum coating material with excellent coating effect. It is a protective polymer material, and its application is mainly in coatings. This material, which has an unparalleled performanc

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  • IPXX- grade standard

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  • Magnetic core series

    The micro slit / pinhole is filled and sealed, which has good anticorrosive and salt spray resistance.Metal plating can not provide effective protection for NdFeB magnetic materials in salt spray test

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  • Silicone rubber, rubber

    Parylene is deposited by vapor deposition, which is different from liquid spraying or oil ester soaking. The low friction coefficient of film is a unique dry lubricating coating.It has a comfortable t

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  • Various kinds of medical equipment

    Parylene can produce a non exclusive biological barrier (bioco) on the surface of portable devices and repair surgical components.Parylene coating can be used to seal the micro pinholes on the surface

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  • Micro motor, motor

    Parylene has the features in the field of MEMS!Close to micron grade, the thin film still has excellent electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties and anticorrosion functions, and has g

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  • Parameters and characteristics of Parylene

     Parylene NParylene CParylene DEpoxy resin ERSimethicone SRPolyurethane URPolyacrylateARUVDielectric strength DC(V/mil)700056005500900-10001100140012001200Volume resistance 23℃50%RH1.4’ 

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  • What is Parylene

    Poly (p-xylene) (Poly-para xylylene;parylene) is a high molecular polymer, also known as "Perlin" in China.It is a new type of coating material developed and applied by Union Carbide Co. in

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