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Dongguan Wanhao Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. ( is a wholly-owned enterprise established by Chinese Americans in 2010. Its chairman (Qiu Fumin: Chief Engineer of Polymer Science and Technology of American Federation) was founded in 1980. American Federation Science and Technology was certified by MIL-I-46058C and NASA (General Space Administration of the United States). Department) Material Certification, USP. In response to the future development of the market, the best choice for professional protection of parylene coating, which was introduced by the United States in 2010, can be applied to electronic, electrical, information, communication products, medical products, etc. It has the functions of acid and alkali resistance, rust resistance, waterproof, prolonged use time and air permeability resistance. Because of the competition of industry, the advantage is declining day by day. Our company helps to improve the added value and quality of our products. With the cooperation of local polymer research institutes in China, we have a strong technical team. 1. Mainly focus on processing, production and processing. 2. Provide equipment and technical cooperation according to customers'needs.

The company is located at 1702 Provincial Highway S358, Xiamen, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City. It has advanced Parylene production equipment and technology in the United States. It has passed the certification and registration of ISO 9001 system. Our factory also provides Parylene Coating and PCB board Conformal Coating processing services for our customers. Parylene coating technology is widely used in aerospace, circuit board, LED display, waterproof mobile phone, magnetic material, precision motor iron core, electronic probe, sensor, silicone rubber, seals, medical devices, precious cultural relics and other fields; the products coated by Parylene have extremely high insulation strength, high temperature, low temperature and corrosion resistance. Corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, lubrication, dust-proof, moisture-proof, rust-proof, transparent, waterproof, anti-aging, biocompatibility and other functions; our factory has established long-term cooperation with many enterprises.

Our factory tenet: first-class quality, incentive and innovation, integrity management, customer satisfaction!

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